Baby Clinic




The baby clinic is held every other Friday from 9.00 till 12.00 and is by appointment only.

This clinic is run by a Health Visitor for general infant welfare. The health visitor attends the surgery for the baby clinic every other Friday. Please check with the receptionists. If your child requires a vaccination please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

The baby clinic is not for sick babies, an appointment should be made the normal way if your child is unwell.

A doctor examining a baby

All babies are invited to come to the practice at 6 weeks to have a six week check appointment together with the mother. These appointments are 30 minutes long and please do come on time. Please make sure your baby is registered before the appointment.

We provide all childhood vaccinations (except BCG) and they are done by our practice nurses. In the first year babies have vaccines at week 8, week 12 and week 16. They are then invited for further vaccines at 12 months, 13 months and pre school. Our nurses are happy to discuss any aspect of these vaccines with parents in advance or at the appointments.


Frequently asked questions

1. Can any baby come to baby clinic?

All babies that are registered at the Grand Union Health Centre can come to baby clinic if they are under the age of 5.

2. Who runs the baby clinic?

The baby clinic if run by the health visitor that is assigned to the Grand Union Health Centre

3. Does a doctor work in the baby clinic?

Our doctors see babies throughout our opening times Monday-Friday. There are doctors who are available throughout the clinic should the health visitor wish to discuss a baby/child with the doctors.