Ear Irrigation / Ear Syringing




We offer ear irrigation to patients that have impacted wax in their ears, no sign of infection and over the age of 18.

Patients need to see a GP first and then if they are assessed as requiring irrigation they will be asked to use ear drops for 2 wks, then they can book in with the nurse or health care assistant for ear syringing.

They must put the olive oil drops in twice a day for two weeks to make the wax loose enough in order for it to be irrigated. If a patient does not put it in appropriately it will not work.

A nurse examining a patient's ear

Frequently asked questions

1. Who does the ear irrigation?

Our practice nurses or Health Care assistants do the ear irrigation.

2. How long does an appointment last?

Ear irrigation takes between 20-30 minutes.

3. Why can't I book in for ear irrigation directly?

Our doctors need to check you ears first to ensure it is safe for you to have ear irrigation.