Agenda Of PPG Meeting: 1st November 2023





Notes / Action

Introduction NM, DR, CT, W.B, K.DS, Y.C, R.A, I.B, T.C, A.J,
Staff Updates
  • This is a reminder that we have a number of different clinicians available for appointments.
  • We are giving all patients the option of booking with alternative clinicians whom are qualified to help with majority of medical conditions that G. Ps cover, as we have a growing number of registered patients, there is a high demand for G.P appointments, therefore, staff continuously navigate appointments appropriately to ensure all patients that need to be seen are attended to. We aim to offer all patients on the day appointments.
  • Patients needing continuous care can still request to book their chosen clinician for follow ups and reviews.
  • Paramedics – can discuss a wide range of conditions expect skin conditions, in such case patients will be booked to speak to a G.P.
  • F2 – trainee doctors are also available to see patients under supervision of the trainer G.P who will oversee all consultations and advice accordingly.
Flu vaccine campaign
  • All eligible patients for the flu vaccine will now have received several invites to come in for vaccinations.
  • Staff have worked really hard to get as much patients as possible to have their vaccines either by calling them, sending SMS automatic booking links, SMS reminders and verbal reminders when coming into the surgery.
  • Uptake for the flu vaccine this year has been a great success so far and for those patients still not vaccinated but would like to have the flu vaccine, we have availability and are happy to get this booked in at the patient’s convenience.
  • Carers looking after vulnerable patients that have notified us of their care duties will also be sent invites.
  • If anyone is a carer, please do inform staff so we have this on record and can invite you in for a flu vaccine.
  • The Flu vaccine will not stop you from catching the flu but will help protect vulnerable patients from serious flu illness.
BP campaign

We have used the same invite procedures as the flu vaccine to invite all patients in for a blood pressure check. We have been asking all patients, regardless of any medical background, that come into the surgery to have a blood pressure check as a standard practice to ensure all patients are well looked after and do not have signs of any under lying conditions.

If needed, following a blood pressure reading we may ask patients to be seen by a clinician to discuss further.

  • We are no longer taking prescription requests over the phone.
  • All patients have the responsibility of ordering their medications on time following requesting methods such as email, at reception or asking local nominated pharmacy to request on their behalf.
  • There are exceptions for vulnerable and elderly patients that are not able to access the alternative ordering requests, for them they can call reception and request medications.
  • A simple reminder again that we have a practice pharmacist team that is available to discuss any medication related queries.
  • The new phone system will have the option of directing you to the correct phone line for the team.
Website, new phone system. Our new phone system has given staff and patients a wider range of options in terms of handling more in-coming calls, out-going calls, call back requests if you are unable to wait on hold, view accurate call queues and waiting times, and the option to be directed to the different teams at the surgery, ie referrals, prescriptions etc..
Patient involvement in planting

The surgery has been gifted plants to be displayed on the outside space of the surgery to give a bright and vibrant entrance.

Volunteers have worked closely with staff to have this safely placed and are welcoming any further suggestions and volunteers to help around our communal areas.

R.A informed members that she is part of the community champions team at the stowe and they have recently launched a new book regarding gardening, further information about the book and local events will be displayed on the PPG section of the surgery website. Also the Wech community also have gardening activities for those who would like to join.

Grand Junction activities

Community Champions would like to remind members that they are still running a wide number of activities and workshops at the Grand Junction (very close to the surgery) and everyone in the community is welcome to join these sessions.

Leaflets will be available to collect from reception and will be displayed on the PPG page on the surgery website.

N.M will ask champions to join us for our next PPG meeting for a catch up and update on all community based activities and services

  • PPG meetings are once every 3 months, welcoming all registered patients to participate in sharing how to continuously improve services offered at the surgery efficiently.
  • Currently we are unable to offer in person PPG meetings at the surgery due to lack of space, as previously discussed we have more clinicians requiring more clinical rooms to be available.
  • If possible in the future, we will inform members of an in person meeting held for those who wish to come in.
  • We have feedback regarding the time limit of the zoom meeting invites to be extended, this will be passed onto the partners for discussion.
  • C.T asked if distressed patients waiting at reception to be seen, can have some private space as she had witnessed a distressed patient. NM assured PPG member that all clinicians are aware of vulnerable patients booked in, and will do their best to see patients as soon as possible to avoid any distressing situations.
  • Members have agreed it would be nice to have G.Ps attend PPG meetings if and when needed, NM clarified that partners have a link sent too and if they are able to join the meeting, they will.