Consultation Types




We off a variety of different consultation types.

We offer face to face appointments which are mostly for book on the day appointments only. You can contact our reception team at 8am and they wil book you a face to face appointment with a doctor of your choice.

We have found, however, that lots of things can be sorted on the phone or via video apppointments or via our software accuRx.

This enables patients to get medical care without always having to take the day off work. All of those appointments are available to book online again on the same day. Once all our appointments are gone each day (we always have a minimum of 7 doctors) we have a duty doctor who is able to deal with any emergencies or urgent issues and see patients face to face and manages them as well over the phone.

An online consultation


Frequently asked questions

1. What type of appointments do you offer?

We offer face to face, telephone, video and electronic appointments.

2. How long is each appointment?

All doctors appointments are 10 minutes and all nurse appointments are 15 minutes.

3. What happens if I need a longer appointment?

If you need a longer appointment, please ask receptionist to book you a longer appointment. You can also book two appointment back-to-back online.