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Grand Union Health Centre is located less than 400 metres from Bayswater. Grand Union Health Centre merged in 2018 with Bayswater Medical Centre. We now look after all the patients from Bayswater and we are delighted that they have joined our practice. We continue to have working with us from the Bayswater Team: Dr Anika Modi, Dr Nick Ambatzis, Mel B (Health Care Assistant) Andrew Denys, Sharon Johns and Yasmin Razak. 

All the patients registered at the Grand Union Health Centre have the benefit of a large dedicated team. We aim to providessafe and effective healthcare to all our patients. Our doctors respond to our patients’ individual needs in a holistic manner. 

GP in Bayswater

Our team includes doctors, nurses, health care assistants and pharmacists and they provide clinics covering a wide range of healthcare issues. Our receptionists can help sign post you to the correct person so you can get what you need from us in a timely fashion.

Our GP surgery in Bayswater covers a  catchment area including  Paddington, Maida Hill, Bayswater, Queens Parkand Notting Hill. (W2, W9, W10, W11).It is easily accessible to all of West London being a short walk from both Queensway, Royal Oak, Paddington and its local bus and tube routes.

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Frequently asked questions

1.When did Bayswater Medical Centre close?

It closed on October 17th 2018 and all their patients and most of their staff moved to Grand Union Health Centre.

2.How close is Grand Union From Bayswater Medical Centre?

We are 500 metres from the site of the former Bayswater Medical Centre.

3.Can you send my prescriptions to pharmacies in Bayswater?

Absolutely - we work very closely with the pharmacies in Bayswater and send lots of prescriptions there.

4.Do staff from Bayswater Medical Centre work at Grand Union Health Centre?

Yes - we are fortunate that we have a number of staff that have moved over. We have Andy, Sharon and Yasmine in reception, Mel B and Anika in the Clinical teams.

5.How many Patients moved over from Bayswater Medical Centre?

Over 7000 patients moved across from Bayswater Medical Centre