Covid Vaccination Programme

We have started the Pfizer and Oxford vaccination of our patients at St Charles and Violet Melchett. We are contacting these patients to book in.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How effective are the vaccines?  

  • Both prevent at least 70% of cases  

  • No one who has had either vaccine has developed the more serious form of Covid or died from it.  


Have people died as a result of having the vaccine? 

  • No. Over 10 million people have now been vaccinated and no one has died as a result. 


Are there animal products (including gelatin)? 

  • No, there are zero animal or human products in either vaccine. 

Which is better – Oxford AstraZeneca or Pfizer? 

  • The best vaccine is the one that’s available 

  • We can’t guarantee a particular brand 

  • Both are highly effective so it is much better to take the one that is on offer rather than wait.   

Will I get side effects from the vaccine? 

  • Some people get a headache, achy muscles, a slight temperature or sore arm. 

  • These usually only last for one or two days 

  • Paracetamol can help you feel better 

  • Many people do not experience any side effects 


I’m not going anywhere so there is no risk of me catching Covid-19 

  • Everyone will have some form of contact with the outside world, even if it’s just shopping being delivered.  

  • There is no way to remove all risk so we still recommend getting vaccinated. 


Can I get COVID-19 from these vaccines?  

  • No, there is absolutely no risk of getting Covid from these vaccines. 

I’m worried that the vaccine clinics are going to be really busy 

  • We’ve put lots of measures in place to ensure social distancing at the vaccine clinics. 

  • We’ll aim to get you in and out as soon as possible 

  • Everyone will be wearing face masks; vaccinators wear full PPE. 

  • We clean between every patient 

  • We’ve had lots of people comment on the speed and efficiency of the service.  

I have an allergy, can I still have the vaccine? 

  • Most allergies will not prevent you having the vaccine, we are only concerned about ‘anaphylaxis’ which is an immediate life-threatening reaction. 

  • If there are any queries about this, please book with a clinician to discuss. 


How long will I be protected from the virus after being vaccinated?  

  • This is still being researched, but we know vaccines made in a similar way to the Oxford AstraZeneca one give immunity for a year or more.  

I have had recently had Covid, can I still have the vaccine. 

  • As long as it’s been more than 4 weeks since you tested positive, it’s fine to get the vaccine.  

  • Mild, lingering symptoms such as a cough or loss of taste/smell 4 weeks after testing positive are not a contra-indication. 

  • If the patient still feels unwell please book with a clinician to discuss. 


Why is the second dose delayed? 

  • This is to make sure more people can get at least one dose  

  • It’s the first dose that gives the most protection 

  • The purpose of the second dose is to make that protection last longer. 


Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’ve already had COVID-19? 

  • Yes, if you are eligible you should still have it 

  • We do not yet know how long any immunity that people get from actually having Covid-19 will last. 

Will I still need to follow social distancing rules and wear a mask after having the vaccine? 

  • Yes, still take all the same precautions 


These vaccines have been developed so quickly; how do I know that they have been tested properly?  

  • The process for developing these vaccines was sped up, but none of the steps were skipped. 

  • All the normal safety checks required for any other vaccine were followed. 

I’ve heard Oxford AstraZeneca isn’t effective in the over 65s 

  • This age group wasn’t included in the original trial.  

  • However we know that there is little difference in how people respond to vaccines according to age, so it’s still likely to be very effective. 


Can these vaccines alter my DNA? 

  • No, there is no chance of this 

 Can COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility? 

  • There is no evidence of this 

  • There is, however, evidence that Covid-19 can affect fertility, so if this is a concern it is worth getting vaccinated. 

Published: Jan 4, 2021

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