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Proud to be a Safe Surgery

A 'Safe Surgery’s is a GP practice which recognizes the barriers to healthcare that exist, particularly for migrants in vulnerable circumstances, and believes that small changes in practice can make a difference.

They are willing to lead by example and work to ensure that nobody in their community is excluded. At Grand Union Health Centre, we have declared ourselves as a 'Safe Surgery'. We commit to taking steps to tackle the barriers faced by those who are vulnerable to ensure they are able to access healthcare.

This means we will ensure that lack of ID or proof of address, immigration status or language will not be barriers when registering as patients at our practice.

All are welcome!

Your nationality or immigration status do not affect your right to register here

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We are a Safe Surgery for everyone in our practice area.

  • Everyone living in England has the right to free care from a GP.
  • Ask reception for an interpreter if you find it difficult to communicate in English.
  • Our receptionists won’t ask you about your immigration status.
  • If you are worried about giving us your address, please let us know. Your information is safe with us.

Don’t have documents? Don’t worry

  • We might ask for ID or proof of address. But if you don’t have any and you live in our practice area, you can still register with us.
  • We won’t ask for immigration documents.